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Reality shows shifting judges' chairs closer to the stage so that they don't have to walk long to meet participants

06, Jul 2015 By Snehal Deb

Mumbai: In an attempt to save some run-time of the episode to be aired on TV, reality show organizers are shifting judges’ chair nearer to the stage. The first among them was Indian Idol junior who shifted Vishal Dadlani’s chair just 1 meter away from stage as he likes to go and hug the contestants too often.

When Faking News contacted Vishal, he said, “I love those kids, they sing like angels! It’s a good move. I would go to the stage more often now and quickly.”

Nach Baliye is also thinking to adopt this as they are concerned about Preity Zinta’s continuous urge to hit the stage and dance as an effort to impress Bollywood producers, maybe hoping to mend her downtrodden career.

India’s got talent on the other hand, disagrees with this change as they say they are already short of content to show on run-time and won’t have anything interesting in the extra seconds they save by shifting judges’ chair. They depend on the slow motion dramas, walks and useless jokes to finish the run-time each episode.

Vishal Dadlani
Vishal giving thumbs up to the idea

The audience however, feel that they miss the old shows like ‘The Great Indian Laughter Challenge’ and ‘Sa re ga ma pa singing challenge’ which had judges sitting far and lesser drama but more content. Our correspondents in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Jaipur, Trivandam and Guwahati talked to few people from local public about it and here are their responses:

Manisha, Delhi :  “Shows nowadays focus more on crap than quality talent… Judges waste time in talking, hugging, gifting watches to contestants etc etc.. I would support any move to reduce this drama”

Roy, Bangalore : ” Hahaha What a funny concept, Reality shows are getting comedy day by day…Earlier they glorified the walking of ‘per time’ judges and forcefully showing them as big stars and now they are cutting it off!”

Siddharth, Guwahati : ” That bald Vishal thinks it’s his sole responsibility to hug every kid and encourage them, for what? Using stardom to promote AAP politics, Bullshit”

Jahnvi, Mumbai : ” I hate reality shows, I am big Game of thrones fan *Blush* “

Raghav, Jaipur: ” Ain’t anybody time for that? I feel anchors waste more time with used up and faded jokes”

Looks like audiences have really varied views and many don’t give a damn to whatever reality shows are doing. As far as we are concerned, We are never getting into reality show debates as we are still finding it hard to believe that Chetan Bhagat is a dance show judge. Anyways, See ya! Will be back with the next article.