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Who realised intensity of elation

28, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: It was another day of the new class. The students were present in large numbers as they did not like to miss the sixth period of the Hindi subject. The teacher was very much dedicated to the class as his simple and easily perceptible teaching style was acceptable. Explaining the meaning of the proverbs with the simple instances, he capably presented several interesting examples. He pointed out how to bring in use these proverbs in daily conversation. When he read a very common proverb, ‘Man Mein Ladoo Futa,’ he decided to ask its explanation from the students.

The Hindi teacher asked the precocious students to explain its meaning in a lucid and logical way. One stout student got up and started detailing in his own meticulous style. He said that he dreamt a dream the last night. A swyamvar programme was arranged where our respected teacher was also present as a suitable groom. The beautiful ladies from all over the world were present on this solemn occasion.

The most surprising part of the auspicious event was that these young women were even eager to marry with our teacher. They were continuously expressing their keen desire to the sagacious teacher. One young woman was too desperate to marry with a well-bodied teacher. Some others were even more enthusiastic.The entire situation was favouring the teacher.

Attentively hearing the student’s clear explanation, the Hindi teacher politely asked the humble student, what happened next? The student sensed the teacher’s warm feelings. He also realised the extreme happiness sprouting into his fast beating heart. Thereupon, the student stated, “Then, what do you want to know further?” There is inwardly elation in your feeling. Thus, it is clear that Man Mein Laddu Fhut gaya.This is what the sharp-minded student was attempting to relate to the teacher.