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Ravi Shastri to direct his own biopic

12, Sep 2014 By iyerman

Mumbai. After the recent success of sports movies like Bhaag Milkha Bhaag and Mary Kom, a biopic on Ravi Shastri is all set to be made. Taking advantage of the new role that he has been assigned,  Shastri is said to have decided to direct the movie himself !

The auto-biopic is tentatively named as Bol Shaz Bol – The doctor orders. While Karan Johar is set to produce the movie, the hunt is on for the female lead character(s). Chetan Bhagat too has been roped in for co-writing the movie. Shastri is said to have contacted him after reading his epic book, revolution 20-20. The dialogues in the movie, however, would be written by Shastri himself. Shastri gave us a sneak peak at the plot of the movie.

“Well, this is what the doctor ordered.”

The movie will be centered on how Shastri overcame his useless cricketing career to become the cult figure he is today in the cricketing world. The plot will start with his early cricketing days showcasing how people used to boo him when he came out to bat; seeing him dance down the wicket and defend the ball and got back to the crease.

“We can have scenes in which Shastri steps out to hit a six and how his mind is clogged with incidents from past, forcing him to defend the ball,” said Chetan Bhagat in a press conference.

A series of emotional ‘fictional’ flings are to be added to the story to spice up the story. This would also enable Chetan to put the blame of Shasti’s uselessness with bat on a heart break with some random good looking chic. The interval of the movie will showcase how he made his debut as a commentator and how his life turns around. The high point would be Shastri’s defeating Wasim Akram in the commentary. The finale of the movie would again be accompanied by a mushy love plot, where Shastri’s girlfriend challenges him to achieve something big and how he directs the Indian team to victory in an overseas tour game.

Shastri is said to be keen to use his own punch dialogues in the movie. ‘This is just what the doctor ordered’, ‘That is a cracker of a game’, ‘Will do his confidence a world of good’, ‘Flashed and flashed hard’, ‘Hit like a tracer bullet’, ‘The shit has hit the fan’, to name a few.

The decision on who would end up playing Shastri’s role is yet to be made. Even though all the leading Bollywood actors are queuing up to play the role, Shastri is believed to have outdone himself. To quote himself, ‘He has pulled the rabbit out of the hat’. He is said to have approached none other than Sir Ravindra Jadeja to play himself on the big screen.

He said in an interview, “I see a lot of similarities between us. We both have been great all-rounders for the country”. The movie is expected to be a big grosser and is expected to join the 500 Cr club.