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Ratio of paisa vasool to entertainment comes down drastically in the last decade

25, Aug 2014 By gadhadhari

In totally expected news the virtually unknown Paisa Vasool Stock Exchange produced decades of data showing that the value of “Paisa Vasool” has had a horrific bear run against entertainment.

Jignesh Motabhai IHaveEnoughPaisawala the governor spoke to our journalists in an absolutely khaali conference. His revelations were startling. He mentioned that a movie like “Amar Akbar Anthony” was the epitome of a masala movie in the year 1977. “This is an example of a classic paisa vasool movie which gave a return of 5 rupees in the days for good entertainment,” said Jignesh while trying to finish a Samosa and drinking tea at the same time. The movie also earned decently and is regarded as a classic today.

“Look at a movie like Singam or Humshakals the common mans vasool ratio has come down drastically, A movie like that would not have seen the light of the day in 1977,” he mentioned. Hordes of families watching Humshakals and laughing to the jokes while stuffing nachos, ice cream and coffee into their mouths after paying 500 rupees per ticket and extra for the eatables. The crowds also had a lot of people who had no clue about what was going on but still went in to watch the new “paisa vasool”  movie just because a lot of people were gathered for no reason.

“All you youngsters have no taste”, he shook his head sadly while dipping the gulab jamun twice before putting it in his mouth and leaving.