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Ram Gopal Varma to direct placements at IIMs this year

23, Feb 2013 By Zed

Ram Gopal Varma (RGV) who is staging a comeback, announced that he would be directing placements at IIMs this year.

Said a member of the IIM Indore’s placement committee, “The trend is to get someone outside the system to conduct the placements.  The current economic situation this year is very scary. We saw it fitting that RGV direct them this year.”

The theatrical trailer shows GDs being conducted in quicksand and a 20-something boy entering into an interview room to find no recruiter inside. Sheer fear drives him crazy and he keeps running from one room to the other in anguish till he finally finds someone inside. A haunting voice turns its neck and whispers – What’s your GPA?? and the horrified boy is seen to collapse.

When asked to comment on the story line and set, RGV Says – “My movies usually have something missing in them. This time it will be the recruiters. The story is set in spooky corridors with dim lighting and ounces of paper and flipchart all around.”

RGV’s cast for India’s first 3-D Horror Film was chosen very carefully with the help of an online screen test through an international agency – Prometric. His cast currently constitutes 400+ graduates in 6-7 different pockets in the country. He also hinted that this movie will urge everybody to move out of their comfort zone. It is going to put a punctuation mark on the hefty fees charged from the crew to give that big break.

IIPM on the other hand has thought beyond RGV and roped in the trio of Raghu-Rajeev-Ranvijay for their placements. Whatever be the economic outlook, placements here are a mockery and who better to execute it than the team from Roadies.

Meanwhile zoom tv reported that three actresses from the yesteryears named Urmila, Antara and Nisha have been frequenting beauty salons in the past one week. There might be an item song with the students dancing to the tunes of various recruiters.