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Rakhi Sawant feels proud of student Rahul Yadav, awards him “Best Student” award of Rakhi Sawant training academy

15, May 2015 By bizli

Mumbai. In an exclusive interview, Rakhi Sawant told us that now she feels proud of her student, Rahul Yadav.

“In this field of real-life drama, it takes years of practice to take such bold steps. Rahul’s recent pledge to distribute his shares amongst his employees whom he sees like his family remind me of my younger days when I wanted to donate laptops to my beloved prisoners,” she said.

With tears of joy in her eyes, she said that over last few years she had been skeptical of the performance of students from Rakhi Sawant Training Academy. Rahul’s senior, Poonam Pandey was the last one to have achieved this excellence award previously.

Rakhi Sawant announcing the award

“But after Rahul’s move, I feel so proud. It is one thing to hope that your students will excel and it is another thing to see them accomplishing it,” she claimed.

Rakhi’s academy had been pivotal in imbibing leadership amongst lot of Indian youths. Chetan Bhagat, Poonam Pandey and now Rahul Yadav have been subsequent winners and are now planning to establish the branches of the revered academy.

Rahul Yadav has also sent a letter of thanks to Rakhi ji. Rakhi further adds, “I have now recommended Rahul to nominate more folks to donate their goodness. I have asked him to nominate five different folks to continue this tradition. I have asked him to nominate Sachin Bansal, this year’s hottest businessman from Flipkart to donate his income, All India Bakchod team, this year’s most viral stand-up comedians to donate their proceedings from all future shows, Rajeev, this year’s bestselling author of “Get Corporated” to donate all his royalty, Sunny Leone, this year’s most popular actress to donate her clothes and Narendra Modi, this year’s most frequent traveler to donate all his flight tickets.”

Now we are awaiting comments from the expert in drama, Mr. Kamal R. Khan for his golden words.