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Rajni and Railways demand Royalty; SRK turns to Srini to 'fix'

10, Aug 2013 By Suvo Palit

Going by the trend of all latest SRK films including some sort of oblique or direct reference to ‘Rajni sir’, this was seen coming in the film circles. SRK has been clever enough to model these references as his mark of respect to the South Indian Superstar but it has not fooled any one and even the common cine goer knew all along that this was just an attempt to make Rajni’s massive fan following in South work in his favour.

As SRK’s BO returns continue to dip when compared with not only Salman but also Ajay, Akshay and even Ranveer, SRK is pulling out all stops to bring back the good times. The ‘Recurring Rajni’ scenes in Ra One and Chennai Express has now prompted Rajni to claim his share of the spoils. As is normal with Rajni even his demands are in line with the superlative Rajni jokes. It is rumoured that Rajni has claimed a 120% share of the profits.

As per Rajni’s standards, 100% is below par and hence the premium of 20%. Last heard he has refused to hear to any mathematical reasoning on why his claim is not viable. He has even threatened that if he is not paid the amount, he will plug in his mobile to recharge exactly at the time of the first show of Chennai Express so as to cause nationwide Power Grid failure. Last heard, Rohit Shetty and SRK was trying to withdraw their movies from all halls and multiplexes to save themselves the 20% loss that they are likely to incur.

In another development, SRK has been reported to be extremely unhappy with the marketing team of Chennai Express. Following SRK’s brief, the team has managed to rope in co-branding partners from myriad brands like Lawman jeans, Aaj Tak, Lovely Professional University, Nerolac, Lux, McDonalds – most of which could not be related to the film industry or the particular film by wildest stretch of imagination. However, SRK became angry when he came to know that the team has failed to get endorsements from the most obvious ally i.e. the Indian Railways.

On the other hand, the Indian Railways are reported to have taken cognizance of Rajni’s moves and drawn up their own list of instances where SRK has used the brand to make most of his hit films starting from Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman,DDLJ and Dil Se. They are also ready with a claim of 120% +12.36% (12.36% being service tax + cess as this is a Government body) but they are looking for ways to communicate the same to the Chennai Express team.

It is learnt that for urgent and critical communications, the Railways, like all Government departments, are supposed to resort to Telegrams but the same service has been discontinued by India Post from last month. Indian Railways have sought permission from Parliament to use Email to transmit this critical communication. As per JPC, the same is likely to come up for consideration in the winter session of the parliament. Till then the Ministry of Railways has decided to move court to put an injunction on the use of the term ‘Express’ branding this as unauthorised use and violation of intellectual property rights.

As a last ditch effort, SRK was seen frantically calling up a Chennai based gentleman by the name of Mr.Srinivasan, aka Super King of Chennai, to ‘fix’ the issues amicably.