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Rajasthan HC wants that Salman Khan be declared as National Human

02, Jun 2017 By Nitin Gaurav Srivastava

In an interview to a news channel during his retirement function held soon after passing the judgment on Wednesday, Justice Mahesh Chand Sharma of Rajasthan High Court explained why he wanted Salman Khan to be declared as national Human.

He said, “Salman Khan has a quality let me tell you. He is a lifelong celibate. Yeh Covfefe sex nahi karta hai. Iske Jeans ki pant se jo dhage nikalte hain unhi ko kha kar Aanandit ho leta hai” (He satisfies his needs by eating the fabric of his Jeans).

National Human receives greetings
National Human receives greetings

When he was asked about why he is indulging in such petty issues when there are bigger problems to address like basic necessities of life, he replied ” After being slapped by Salman Khan, Vivek Oberai has been trying his best to provide Flats to as many Indians as possible”.

On being asked about black money he reiterated his support for Salman Khan and asserted that “Black buck should be ended at all cost” . On the issue of overpopulation he said “Salman’s desire for population control has also been phenomenal”.He added that “Development is like a Tubelight. It takes its time, but when it glows there is full light”.

When Salman Khan was approached for comments he was busy having denim dinner. His assistant informed our correspondent that he has been consuming Revital with his shirt since “bees ek saal”.That is the reason why he is always shirtless. Lately he has started eating Jeans too and things are going out of hand.

When Salman was informed that he is being considered for being National Human he responded by saying ” Hain!”. Then he expressed his gratitute towards the Rajasthan High court and said ” Rajasthan Courts has always been supportive of my actions. “Asli Maza to Jodhpur mein hai” He added.