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Rahul Yadav approached for Bigg Boss 9, promises a 100x better show this season

05, Aug 2015 By gauravb07

After Rahul’s Bare-it-all interview with Femina started trending under Celeb Gossip, it made the makers of India’s most successful reality show finally wake up to the hot new celebrity who has taken the b-town by a storm.

One of the show’s producer said “Rahul meets our primary criteria for entering the show: Jobless, Homeless and Moneyless. Though its quite tough to find such details about an individual, but Rahul has already declared all this on his Facebook wall and hence was a really easy decision for us as well as for Rahul”. She also confirms that Rahul has promised that he will break all TRP records, specially during Vote Outs and Confession Room.

Many similarities. Big Boss House stands for Rahul Yadav's 1st venture. (Big Boss= Rahul Yadav & House=
Many similarities. Bigg Boss House stands for Rahul Yadav’s 1st venture. (Bigg Boss= Rahul Yadav & House=

Speculation is rife whether Rahul will enter the show as a contestant, wild-card or is he being considered to host some parts of the show itself! The hosting part sounds unreal now (even to FakingNews!!), but the current superstar-host Salman Khan’s persistent legal troubles and recently awarded jail sentence has forced producers to look for a equally controversial co-host and Rahul fits the bill. Rahul’s over 46,ooo followers on Facebook have gone ecstatic at the possibility of Rahul sharing stage with Salman (Salman is expected to be on bail through most of his jail term and has already taken tips from his ex-cohost Sanjay Dutt).

Our sources have also confirmed that Rahul will be the only new contestants in the show, and rest would be the big players and winners from the previous 8 seasons. This is being proposed to ensure that Rahul gets some intellectual challenge and not get bored. Names like Rahul Mahajan, Shweta Tiwari, Vindoo Dara Singh, Gauhar Khan, Ashu (Roadie’s fame), Rahul Roy, Sambhavna Seth, Karishma Tanna, Raja Chaudhary etc have shown eagerness to join this show with Rahul this season.

Rahul Yadav’s last facebook post came on the eve of a detailed discussion with the show’s producer and hints at Rahul’s excitement to join the project. This is what Rahul wrote, “All Indian internet companies put together. My next venture. Let me show you a good game this time! Not to earn money but just to show you guys that it can be done. And that too without sweating much! #GameOn”

Looks like the Game will definitely be ON this year in Bigg Boss house. As usual, Rahul has asked for “30 days” before he signs the contract and we are all eagerly waiting for his final decision. Here is a quick sneak peak of what we might be witnessing soon.