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Rahul Gandhi to sue SRK for using his name in Chennai Express

12, Sep 2013 By shivangi

Having recently been in limelight for a hush-hush controversy, a surrogacy which indeed was no one’s business, the famous Bollywood superhero is now being chased for his cash, which also happens to be no one else’s business.

Rumor has it that this time chasing King Khan is our very own Prince of Politics. What’s ticking the latter is Shah Rukh having used his name, first name to be precise, in Chennai Express and various other movies.

Rahul Gandhi might sound like a Pappu here but he has a point. The Gandhi baby is not suing without reason. His claim against Shahrukh Khan is that the actor has, every now and then used his name ‘Rahul’ to emerge as a Badshah of Bollywood.

Leave apart movies like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Dil to Pagal Hai, the very name Rahul also made Shahrukh to deliver a blockbuster out of a movie that stood no chance at the Box Office.

Personally, says Rahul Gandhi, he has nothing against Mr. Khan, but moma’s darling was recently warned by his personal astrologer that Shahrukh might be eating on his luck by using his name.

Seems like a legitimate argument there. What’s obvious though is that Rahul, the real one, wants a moolah in bargain of his name. And if that was not enough, he wants a message at the end of every movie that Shahrukh does in future as Rahul, should credit him for his ‘What’s in the name’ blessings.