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Rahul Gandhi to star in RaGaNi MMS 3

11, Oct 2014 By SNook

Rahul Gandhi Selfie
Rahul Gandhi Selfie

Impressed with Sunny Leone’s popularity in the movie Ragini MMS 2, Rahul Gandhi reportedly approached director Bhushan Patel to cast him in a sequel. Rahul requested only a minor change in the title of the movie to RaGaNi MMS 3. Rahul was asked to comment on the prequels of the movie – Ragini MMS 1 and 2.

“I haven’t watched those but I swear to God I am super excited to see our Hon’able Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in both,” he said with a twinkle in his eyes. Obviously with NaMo still in the opposition, Manmohan Singh is the PM in Rahul’s innocent eyes. However the confusion surrounding Manmohanji featuring in the movies was resolved when Rahul Gandhi told the crowd what he thought MMS stood for.

Initially Bhushan was doubtful about Rahul handling the intense acting that this movie will demand. In answer to this Rahul played two of his best videos ever – acting like he was dozing in parliament and flashing that enigmatic smile while showing his acceptance of defeat. Bhushan was won over.

When asked if he was comfortable working with Sunny Leone, Rahul smiled shyly and said that he had learnt a great deal from his co-actor Hasiba Amin during the Congress ad campaigns earlier in 2014. He was ready to stride into Bollywood with Sunny by his side.

Sunny is thrilled at the prospect of working with Rahul. “Rahul has shown the world how technology has evolved under the Congress rule from dreary black telephones to smart phones. Now he will actually feature in an MMS to explain the revolution further! Here’s one young, dynamic politician who definitely knows how to walk the talk,” she said in an exclusive interview with Faking News.

Arnab Goswami, of course, couldn’t keep away from the excitement. “There are so many successful directors today. What made you approach Bhushan Patel?” asked Arnab. Very cleverly Rahul responded, “What Rahul Gandhi wants to do is empower the women in this country, wants to unleash the power of these women, I mean we talk about being a superpower…”

When Arnab said Rahul was avoiding the question, Rahul closed the discussion saying, “I believe in opening up the system. I believe in the RTI.” For some reason, unknown to Rahul, Arnab looked nonplussed.