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Rahul Gandhi to replace Uday Chopra in Dhoom 4

07, Dec 2013 By Pradhan Mantri

If the sources inside Yash Raj films are to be believed, Rahul Gandhi will replace Uday Chopra in the next film of the Dhoom series.

His charismatic charm is hard to ignore.
His charismatic charm is hard to ignore.

A Faking News source in Yash Raj Films said “All of us are unhappy with Uday’s acting and finally the production house has decided to stand up and fire him. We think that Uday is a baggage and we have dragged him long enough now. People will believe me when they see Uday act in Dhoom3.”

Upon being asked the reason behind Rahul Gandhi being cast in that role, the source said, “Rahulji is a youth icon and an unconventional leader. He would make a very good cop and would attract audience from all sections of the society to watch the film. And since his party is expected to lose the next general elections, he will be completely free for the next five years and there will be no problem with the dates.”

He admitted that the producer has plans to shift the film set to Amethi and the whole crew is excited and looking forward to having various kinds of home cooked food in random homes with Rahul.

A highly placed source in the Congress Party said that Mr. Gandhi has been given a nod from his mother and has agreed to be a part of the film. “This would be an ideal situation for us. Through the film Rahulji could campaign for the 2019 general elections. And he could inform Bollywood about our ideology and enlighten them with a few concepts like secularism, state of mind and even teach them some Physics.”

A Faking News reporter traced down Mr. Digvijay Singh for his expert comments on this situation. Upon being asked on how he felt about Rahul Gandhi being cast in Dhoom4, he stated, “I knew this would happen eventually. Rahulji is very good looking and a youth icon, he is sau pratishat tunch maal. Bollywood could not have ignored him for a long time.”

He added, “The role proves that Rahulji is the most secular leader of the country. Uday’s character is Ali Akbar. This will send the right message to the country and will weaken the communal forces.”

When asked if Mr. Modi should replace Aamir Khan to play villain against Mr. Gandhi, he threatened to arrest the reporter under the Communal Violence Bill and the reporter had to apologize.