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Rahul Gandhi to act in movie, ripples in bollywood and political circles

18, Aug 2014 By Freshly Faked

In a sensational development, Rahul Gandhi decided to accept the male lead role in a soon to be announced epic movie titled ‘नारीसशक्तीकरण (Women Empowerment)’, causing ripples across the spectrum in Bollywood and in political circles, with some people ecstatic while others opposing it.

“This is huge,” said Karan Johar, “Considering the popularity of Rahul Gandhi, it will greatly affect the standings of SRK, Ranbir Kapoor, Aamir Khan and those with big female fan following. All the star rankings will be readjusted,” a sentiment also felt by many film producers and trade pundits. Mahesh Bhatt, however said his genre actors will remain unaffected as they are in a different league (whatever that means).

“Nobody can take away the fact that he’s a hero,” said a congress worker, which was echoed by most in the party. “In politics, power comes and goes, but irrespective of that, his choice shows the commitment to his belief. For us, that’s a real hero.”  

In an exclusive interview to Faking News, Rahul Gandhi bared his soul like never before. “Why is it anybody’s problem if I act in films? So many Bollywood personalities joined politics, all were accepted in political community. Is there any politician in Bollywood?” he asked matter-of-factly. “No, Ritesh Deshmukh is not a politician, his father was.”

Asked if his acting career will interfere with political career, he replied, “No, both will go side-by-side. If political responsibilities demand my attention, that will be priority. Didn’t US Ex-president Ronald Reagan manage both with ease before?”

He also said that as Bollywood name was inspired from Hollywood, it would be fitting to also have a landmark as they have. “We should have a BOLLYWOOD sign on a hill in Mumbai, as they have HOLLYWOOD sign on Mount Lee in Los Angeles, which has become their icon. Mumbai should seriously consider to put this.”

A BJP spokesman slammed the move saying “In future if some cricketers enter politics, will he join cricket team then ?”