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Rahul Gandhi inspired us to empower women: Game of Thrones producers

28, Jun 2016 By viveks

Rahul Gandhi
The throne of Congress: Shahzada Rahul Gandhi

Los Angeles: The popular TV series Game of Thrones recently has propped up all the female characters to prominent positions. This has been a departure from the show’s earlier policy of parading naked and humiliate each of the female characters. Being surprised from this change, Faking News contacted the producers of the show to know the reasoning behind it. The producer David Benioff told that they were pretty ok with their policies till they saw an interview of Rahul Gandhi while searching for funny videos on YouTube.

The key takeaway of the interview for Benioff was that women empowerment is the answer to every question. Benioff claimed that in the interview he heard women empowerment so many times that it forced him to change the story to implement the theme in Game of Thrones. The writer of the original story, George Martin wanted few more walks of atonement but his suggestions were outrightly rejected. Mr. Weiss, the other producer of the show claims that interview of Rahul Gandhi has changed his life and he would try to introduce a Rahul like character in the next season to make the mood of the show more cheerful.

Fakingnews hopes that the great Indian Maverick Rahul keeps inspiring people across the globe.