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Rahul Bose approached for CID movie

17, Jul 2014 By pops

With over 17 years of topping TV TRP’s, & 500+ solved cases Indian crime investigation based show ” CID ” is going to add a new feather into its cap. A movie based on the super successful TV show is about to hit the floors this September.

When we contacted Mr. B.P Singh confirmed the news. “Yes, its 100% right. The movie is going to hit the floor soon. And believe me you wouldn’t be able to forget it for another 17 years,” a confident B.P. Singh said.

News is that it will be a prequel to the TV show set almost 25 years before the first episode of CID. Sivaji satam who plays the lead will be seen in a cameo in the movie.

“Yes i ‘ll be playing the older Pradyuman who’ll be telling this very tale to his grandchildren,” Sivaji said.

When queried about having grandchildren without a son, he replied, “The movie takes place 25 years before the TV show events, who knows what Acp was like back then.”

The movie will have a whopping budget of 35 million dollars. Rahul Bose has been confirmed for the role of a young ACP Pradhuman. While we tried to contact Mr. Bose, he was unable to speak anything at that very moment.

The film will be financed by Mr. Ajay kalya ‘s ” Poor-fisher’ finance company.  “Yes, we ‘ve started selling our world class ‘Poor-fisher’ calendars and will soon be able to earn 10 million dollars with its sales, ” told a drunk Mr. Kalya.

When asked about the other 25 million dollars, he replied with a grin on his face, “We’ll be asking our employees to mortgage their properties. Employees which will be able to mortgage even their relatives property will be provided a surprise gift in my Will. The property papers will be returned to the employees as soon as the film will hit the 100 million dollars mark over the International box office. “

****** Spoilers Alert ******

While our reporter searched the writer’s house for a clue on the movies plot he found the following dialogue inside an envelope with “highly confidential” written over it. The dialogue is :-

Kya? Abhijeet aur Daya mere he bete hain.

Abhijeet aur Daya mere bete?

Oh my god. Iska matlab mai he un dono ka baap hu.

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