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Rahul Baba to participate in Big Boss Season-8

08, Aug 2014 By ritesh23

The producers of the reality show “Big Boss” have leaked the star cast of their new season includes the Dashing Bachelor Boy Rahul Baba.

Our correspondent caught up with Rahul Baba to confirm the news.

Rahul Baba had given an appointment of 2.13 AM to our correspondent Nidhi Sharma who reached the venue well in time (we had to arrange for additional security cover for her due to the odd timings).

Following are the excerpts from the interview:

Nidhi Sharma (NS): Sir, you seem to be very fresh at this hour. It’s the time when majority of the nation sleeps.

Rahul Baba (RB): Slightly embarrassed …. I know it’s an odd time for an appointment but due to my extremely hectic schedules, strategy sessions and parliament debates, I hardly get any time during the day. You know that as of now I’m the only guy who has courage to stand up and speak against the prevailing dictatorship in our country. These guys are grossly non-secular…. and my secular (Indian-Italian-Hindu-Muslim-Christian) blood boils to see the atrocities these guys are up to. Any ways…let’s not discuss this or I will keep on speaking…I just can’t remain to be silent you know.

NS: But Sir…when do you sleep then….and what is the source of such high energy levels at your age??…sorry I take back the last 3 words.

RB: Winners don’t sleep Nidhi…. and for energy….trust me…there’s nothing like Bournvita. Mama always makes sure that I have at least 4 glasses of Bourvita every day (2 hot and 2 cold). I’ll just get one for you also….rings the bell on his table.

NS: Sir…..we understand that you are participating in the reality show Big Boss…is that true?

RB: with a grin….these guys…you know that’s the problem with me…any small news spreads like a fire. Even if its a small nap in the parliament or my smile during election results. See, I’m bound in a contractual agreement with the Colors guys and cannot confirm whether I’m participating or not. But yes, I would definitely want to be a part of this show as I love the format.

Also as a tradition they always have one participant of foreign origin and one pair of relatives. So both me and Mama can fill the slots…..oh sorry don’t publish this…was just contemplating…no-no joking.

NS: Sir…

RB: Don’t call be Sir. You can call me Rahul or Baba. The World calls me like that.

NS: Rahul Ji…what are the other reasons which prompt you to be a part of this show. You know, every time it’s marred with one controversy or the other.

RB: Controversies never bothered me. I want to go to this show with a purpose to show the world my “real self”. Mama told me that it’s high time that I should tell the world that I’m not a Mama’s boy. People seem to have mistaken my silence as my weakness but I would like to show them my sudden spurts of violent streaks (rings the table bell again and Yells…will anyone get us 2 glasses of Bournvita). Smiles … Mama wants me to have my 4th dose sharp at 2.30AM you know. So where were we?

NS: You were saying that you are not a Mama’s boy.

RB: Oh yes. See my opponents have run various online and offline campaigns to malign my image and also create various spoofs. I’m actually not bothered but it’s the misrepresentation of facts that disturbs me. Big Boss will give people to see various facets of my personality like my boldness, romantic-nature (grins), openness, courage and sharp sense of humor…. you know I remember all jokes of Khushwant Singh’s joke book. As we all know, I’m going to be the next PM in 2019 and the more people know me, the better it is for the nation.

NS: So, what kind of fee will you charge for the participation.

RB: C’mon, how could you ever think that I will charge any money? It does not fall in my values. We are simple people and not greedy about huge monies. We just need a shelter on our head and a daily dose of Pizza + Bournvita and that’s it. My Jiju (RoVa as I fondly call him) has been my inspiration when it comes to financial matters. He has always taught me…never run after money… after relationships….money will follow. My decision of participating in Big Boss is just to make sure that the nation gets to know their next Prime Minister..who is not a dictator but a caring friend, loving son, a boy next door and a warrior when situation demands.

NS: Rahul, if I may ask……when are you planning to get married?

RB: I would not like to answer this. I’m an Indian, a country where marriages are fixed by parents. Mama is still scouting for a perfect match. Let’s wait for some time or there’s always a last resort of “Rahul ka Swayamwar” post Big Boss.

NS: So, you are confirming that you are a part of Big Boss next season?

RB: I told you, I have signed a contract with Colors that I will not tell anyone that I’m participating in their show. I cannot breach the contract and I’m smart enough to make sure that small reporters like you are able to get the facts out of me.

……Man enters with 2 glasses (one large-500ml container with straw and pictures of Tom&Jerry and one small 150ml glass of Bournvita)

RB: Snatches the big cup….. its 2.45….15 minutes late. Anyways don’t tell Mama about this.

RB: I’m sorry but I will have to leave for gym now. It was a pleasure interacting with you NS. I’m sure you are flabbergasted over my intense humility but would request you not to share this in public domain. I have just adopted my violent-avatar to fight the devil and would like to stay with this image for some time. Hope you will understand.