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Queen Elizabeth sues Ekta Kapoor, claims royalty for character of "Baa"

26, Aug 2014 By Aditya Rane

London: The “Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahoo Thi” saga once again grabbed headlines today after Queen Elizabeth sued Ekta Kapoor over alleged copyright infringement.

“When I saw the TV series I thought I was looking into a mirror. The character of Baa is definitely inspired by me,” exclaimed the Queen.

Ekta Kapoor
She is in trouble

The Queen’s lawyers have submitted pictures of the Queen with 11 American Presidents as primary evidence. “If you consider USA as a single ‘Khandaan’, you would see that the Queen has seen through the ups and downs in eleven political generations which is exactly equal to the number of Virani generations that Baa has been around for. Too much for a co-incidence,” one of the lawyers was quoted saying.

The 100 pages chargesheet also states that the Queen has developed a strong liking for Ekta Kapoor’s serials and hence she would not initiate military action against the Indian producer but settle for a royalty of 1 pound per close up shot of Baa. The lawsuit further clarifies that a triad of the famous “Nahi, nahi, nahi” sequence will be considered as one close up shot only. However the royalty has to be paid for repeat telecasts considering the huge viewership and consequent TRP benefits.

The “bahu” turned politician, Smriti Irani has rubbished the Queen’s claims saying that none of the Queen’s sons has died and been reborn. Mrs. Irani also added that Queen looks older in the photographs whereas Baa looks the same in 1st and the last episode of KSBKBT saga. Despite multiple attempts, Ekta Kapoor remained unavailable for comments.