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Protests intensify to make Tum Hi Ho the college anthem

27, Jan 2014 By iyerman

Pune: A certain section of the students union across the country (except TamilNadu) are going on a hunger strike demanding that “Tum Hi Ho” from Aashiqui2 be made the official national college anthem. The song has become a rage amongst youngsters, especially the ones who had undergone a break up. ‘It brings out the dard inside us’, mentioned the chairman of one of the unions in Bangalore. As Arjit Singh and Mithoon are set to sweep all the awards in the Music category for the year, the whole nation is mourning on the break ups using the Aashiqui2 songs. The song has apparently helped lot of young guys to fake tears to their ex-girlfriends.

The demand for a new anthem came into place since the students feel that the current anthem, ’Rahul aur Anjali ka phir se jhagda ho gaya’ song from Kuch Kuch Hota hai has become as old as Shahrukh Khan. The ABVP president was quick to point out that the mood of the nation has swung so much post the Congress rule, that we need sad song now as the anthem. The protests intensified ever since Channel V has been trying to acquire the rights of Aashiqui2 songs for its various college based thought provoking heart-break dramas.

Amit, the chairman of protesters from (guess where?) Delhi has decided to take AAP’s help since they are not finding any traction in the media. He said, “If nothing, it will be a big boost for a debutante music director like Mithoon”. When pointed out that Mithoon made his debut with Anwar, over 5 years back, and ‘Tose Naina Laage’ is a better melancholy, Amit rubbished it saying that, “Tum Hi Ho” is the real birth of the music director Mithoon. He is making his debut again with Aashiqui2. In fact Amit is planning to follow Mithoon, Ankit Tiwari and Arjit on the ‘Sun raha hai na tu, ro raha hun main’ concert tour.

Since the film awards season is around the corner, Tum Hi Ho is anticipated to get more attention. However it will have a tough competition from ‘Lungi Dance’ from Chennai Express and ‘Don’t touch my body’ from Bullet Raja. Mahesh Bhatt meanwhile is already planning to make the sequel Aashiqui 2.0. Mohit Suri the director of the movie said that this time the story will be not similar to Abhiman, the old Hindi classic. He is looking for a fresh script (Like Shree 420) for making the sequel.