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Pritam sues music directors world over for stealing his tunes over time travel

18, Feb 2013 By indianpsycho

Music composer Pritam who has been often accused  by other  music directors of downright copying their tunes has instead accused and sued them for stealing his tunes over Time Travel.

“For all these years i wondered how come any tune i came up with was accused of being lifted from the songs i was not even aware of,” said Pritam. To prove his innocence and that he was not lying he said this with one hand on Bappi Lahri’s photo and other on Rajesh Roshan’s bald head, 2 people he revers the most.

Pritam has been keeping so busy in legal formalities that he didn’t have time to bath or even trim his hair.

On being quizzed when he realized that he was being taken for a ride. He said, “After a hard day’s work I was stealing err seeing Terminator flick that it struck me that i have been a victim of plagiarism myself. These foreigners are very smart fellows. While Indians like me, Mahesh bhatt, Anurag Basu etc are born with natural talent, these foreigners use technology like time travel to copy our ideas by travelling into future and then go back in time and release it as their own creation.”

Pritam has reportedly hired  services of well known liar lawyer Ram Jhootmalani* to fight his case. Musicians like Anu Malik, Sajid-Wajid etc have also joined him in his tirade against such people. There are also rumours of Shahid Kapoor thinking of suing Shah Rukh Khan on similar grounds.

“One positive to have come out of such unjust accusations so far is that my geographical knowledge has increased vastly. The other day I got to know that Laos and Sudan are some countries when some musician from there accused me of copying his tunes.” added Pritam

Any attempts to reach Anu Malik on same went in vain as it was found that he had already embarked on a backward time travel to erase all the memories of Indian Idol from viewer’s mind. There were also reports of some section of media allegedly interviewing Baba Ramdev instead of Pritam only to realize their mistake later.

Meanwhile ever since our correspondent came back from Pritam’s house, his gold ring and some other stuff has been missing.

* Source: Faking News