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Pratibha Patil auditions for Roadies, gets selected

02, Feb 2013 By Anil Sharma

Chandigarh: Pratibha Patil, the former President of India, today surprised everyone when she auditioned for Roadies X. More importantly, she even got selected and we are proud to say that she is a Roadie now.

“This is a great day for me, even bigger than the day I became the President of India,” she told Faking News. Then maybe out of excitement, all of a sudden, she made a weird pose and yelled, “Beware world, I am a Roadie now!”

“As you all know how fond I am of travel and I’ve heard that the contestants of Roadies get to travel across the world for free. That made me take part in the show.  Actually, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity of free travel which I really miss since I’ve walked out of the President’s house,” she added.

“Deep inside my heart I knew that I’ve got everything it takes to become a Roadie. Look, right now I am jobless, that’s the first quality one should have to get into the Roadies. Secondly, I am dumb enough to get through the audition,” she explained to Faking News with her head held high.

Pratibha Patil
Pratibha Patil gestures after being selected for MTV Roadies Season 10

When asked about her high travel expenses as President of India, she said, “They are all rumors, for example, on my last day as  President, I stayed at the president house all day while I could have visited Nepal twice easily, but I didn’t! Only because I cared for the people of this country and didn’t spend too much on travel.”

The FN reporter tried to prove his point saying “but ma’am if we go with Sheila Dikshit’s logic, your last travel expense = enough money for 3 lakh families, which means 15 lakh people, to survive for a month” Pratibha rejected the criticism, and said, “This is Roadies, no logic works here, actually, anything related to brain doesn’t work here!”

Meanwhile other contestants, who were there for MTV Roadies auditions, didn’t recognize her as the previous President of India.

“It was quite shocking to know that someone named Pratibha Patil was the first woman to hold the President’s office, I always thought that  P.T. Usha was the first woman President of India!” a contestant and a die heart Roadies fan Noman Kumar told Faking News.

Another contestant named Bobby Singh felt that it’s unfair to select a former President. “It’s been 20 years, I am trying for Roadies,” he screamed loudly. When our reporter asked that how can he be trying for 20 years when its just 10th series of the show? His answer was, “Dammit man, I suck at math, I suck at studies, that’s why I am here, don’t you get it?”

On the other hand Raghu and Ranvijay, the makers of the show were totally charged up after selecting Pratibha Patil.  There is PRATIBHA in her name, that’s the talent we were looking for, Raghu explained to Faking News.

“Obviously, she was impressive in the interview, even I managed to make a good impression in-front of such huge persona with my popular quote ‘Every Motherf***er should respect his/her mother’,” Raghu added.

“Roadies is a very popular show, even KBC people invited all the ex-roadies as audience in one of their episodes, maybe to kill the lifeline called ‘Audience Poll’,”  Raghu described the popularity of the show.

“I am stunned,” said the other host and ex roadie named Ranvijay. Apparently this was the first time his comment made some sense.

Meanwhile Pratibha Patil said, “I will not be doing any tasks, because that’s not my cup of tea (perhaps the cook within her woke up), travelling for free is my one and only motto, and as you all know it’s a show where losers get to decide the winner in the end, so I am quite confident about winning this show!”