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Poonam resurrects ‘Ice-Bucket’ challenge to ‘Ice-Tub’ challenge

23, Aug 2014 By ajeeb

“Certain Certainties are presumable, ‘Certainly!’.” This quote of Pandit Shabd-e-firak is about to get life by stunning, mind-blowing, gorgeous, beauty icon ‘Poonam Pandey’. Yes, the spark of modelling industry, Poonam who works for Transparent modelling agency is about to put herself in the shoes of worlds’ leading histrionic historic souls by taking the Ice Bucket Challenge.

There are being rumours about Poonam being a copy cat, her plans seems fit in the depicted picture of a famous Bollywood actress Miss Pandey.

A couple of weeks before in the recent past, Humans around the globe invented a breath-giving challenge known as ‘Ice-Bucket Challenge’ for a charity purpose to fight against a Neurodegenerative demon ‘ALS’.

“She has not been nominated by anybody though, yet she is doing it deliberately for mankind. Poonam ‘a goddess’ is blessed with extraordinary instincts , she has altered the formal Ice bucket water platform to an ‘Ice-Tub’ challenge, only for herself. The challenger that is yet to be disclosed by the lady can go for a usual bucket Ice concept.” disclosed Poonam s’ PR manager.

“A lot of people, I must say famous people have taken this challenge. Why not me, after all I am an iconic lady. This gesture of mine is definitely gonna double the amount raised for the concerned cause,” Poonam s’ rational explanation of her self nomination.

Poonam is practising heavily for the upcoming challenge, “मेमसाहब ने पूरी टंकीओं को एकदम ठंडा कूल करवाने की मशईनिया कल ही लगवाई है, गुसलखाने मैं ‘वो का बोलते हैं उसको’, जो ठंडी हवा फैंकता है , जो ई रुमवा मैं लगा है , ‘ई’ , ये भी लगवाए रही. (Madam has arranged for a cooling system in all water tanks, bathrooms’ been loaded with a machine that throws cool air exactly like the one in this room),” told Poonam s’ Servant Kamuk Sharma while pointing towards the air conditioner in the room.

“People are doing this for a reason, in my terms they are actually cheating. Few Litres of ice cold water on a fully clothed body, doesn’t seems a challenge to me. I have made the challenge adventurous by putting a bath tub in the picture, as it will give you a real cold feeling and you can show your true body respect towards mankind,” quipped a furious Poonam. “To survive in cold conditions you need to have some warmth and I am a sizzling hot babe,” added Poonam revealing her survival strategies

More than $40 millions are bagged from this challenge, researchers have claimed that the money raised is not going to help cure ALS , because as of now there is no such cure available for this deadly disorder.

Keeping in view over the seriousness of the matter, Faking news founder Pagal Patrakar approached Poonam to enquire about her views on the researchers thinking. To this she replied, “Researchers!! Hmmm, if somebody has a got a job of ‘searching things again’, I won’t believe them. What a funny thing to do. People like me invent things. Look how I have invented this ‘Ice-Tub Challenge’. Surely ALS will be cured, money can do anything.” Pagal Patrakar somehow survived a brain arrest after listening to this.

“You tell me one thing, whenever you get a fever or cold, medicines that you buy from money cures you or not? In the same way ALS will be cured, where from researchers are coming into the picture. This is a matter of celebrities and famous personalities like me,” explained a frowning Poonam.