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Poonam Pandey voluntarily agrees for walk of atonement, High Sparrow shell shocked

30, May 2016 By Pagla Ghoda

Mumbai: “Jawa Dilon Ki Dhadhkan” Poonam Pandey has been known to be popular in media circles and online shows for her ever readiness to get undressed as well as her teasing bathroom videos, which have a huge fan following. But this time PP has ruffled a lot of feathers around the seven kingdoms by voluntarily agreeing for the infamous “walk of atonement” under guidance of none other than the “High Sparrow”. She however wants the whole walk to be live telecast on her webcam as that is the only place where hundreds of her viewers visit and watch her videos.

Poonam Pandey
Poonam Pandey, apparently wearing something, which is against her nature

High Sparrow who is the supreme commander of faith militia and clearly one of the most powerful religious leaders of his time (after Asaram Bapu), is apparently shocked at PP’s announcement. He said, “Faith leads to clarity and clarity leads to realization. Realization in itself is beginning of atonement. But with this girl I don’t see any clarity, not sure why she wants to atone as yet? This is shocking.”

High Sparrow plaited his little white hair with a comb made of dragon bones, and further said, “I have no problem sanctioning such a walk. Village folk enjoy it. More and more people are now leaving the faith of High Septon and joining our faith militia after Cersei’s walk of atonement. They all are ready for their next “view”. But I wish to clarify that I am not running an erotic cable network around here. At the end we all have to atone for our sins.”

Meanwhile, hundreds of Poonam Pandey fans are filling the online forums with their desires to witness her walk of atonement. CoolBoyVivek4u one of Poonam Pandey’s fans writes, “I think this is nothing but freedom of expression which Poonam Pandey is now fighting for. I was supporting Modi till sometime back and agreed that FoE was all well in the country, but Poonam’s announcement has made me rethink. I now I feel the leftists, liberals and Pakis are right. We need more freedom of expression of this kind in this country. Leke rahenge azaadi.”