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Poonam Pandey to strip for New Zealand cricketers

10, Feb 2014 By bharadwaj038

She is ready!
She is ready!

Being thrilled by the performance of Black Caps in the ongoing series against India, Poonam Pandey declared that she will strip for the New Zealand Cricketers.

“Obviously, why not would I do that? Tim Southee is the hottest on the planet you would find,” said excited Poonam. But she revealed that, her only condition is to strip when the Black Caps visit India next time and beat the hosts then.

Just excited by this declaration, Brendon Maccullum declared that, they can’t wait to see this happen. He said, “Most of the guys in the side are pumped up for this. Next time around when we visit India, this would help us to improve our performance by a mile and we are just hoping to make this happen”.