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Poets amuse viewers at comedy show

03, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Whether it is the poets or the teachers they do not forget to amuse their listeners or disciples. Something different was seen at the Kapil Sharma Comedy Show in its latest episode. The poets like Rahat Indori and Kumar Vishwas were busy in amusing the audience. How Kumar Vishwas clarified the oft-repeated line, “Jehan Na Pahuchhey Ravi, Wahan Pahuchhey Kavi” was very hilarious. Seventy-year-old Urdu poet told that the old age was the perfect period for Ishq. Even Navjot Singh Siddhu could not restrict himself from applauding him repeatedly.

It is after a long time the audience enjoyed the show with new interest. There were peals of laughter till the time the poets were expressing their points of view in verse. It looked as if the audience waited for such guests to secure complete amusement. If on one hand, the famed Urdu poet Rahat Indori was leaving no chance of entertaining the spectators by his unique comical real remarks, the youthful Kumar Vishwas was not lagging behind in enthralling the viewers. Rahat Indori’s one illustration in regard to his visit to a neighbouring country was very interesting. He said: When he asked his poet-host what time will it take to reach the destination. The host replied very wittingly just the same time which we used to pass in consuming three glasses of drink.

Likewise, a teacher, exhausted with his 45 minutes long lecture, thought of relaxing. So he put a very ordinary question before his studious disciples. He asked, “What is exact difference between the essay and the poetry?” Students answered: “Sir, every word spoken by the beloved seems like the poetry while the wife’s words turn into an essay.” Impressed with this sharp reply the teachers promised them to show the not-so-doing well feature film, ‘Tubelight’ at the local cinema hall.