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Shahrukh wants Hugh Jackman to lead "Eagle Gang" in Josh 2

04, Mar 2017 By Aman Rana

3rd March, Mumbai: In a recent encounter with the media, Bollywood king, Shahrukh khan has revealed that he wants Hugh Jackman to play the role of Max in the upcoming sequel of the Bollywood action movie Josh.

SRK teaching some Bollywood steps to Hugh Jackman
SRK teaching some Bollywood steps to Hugh Jackman

Earlier this month, the news that Hugh was eager to cast Shahrukh in Wolverine, was in the air and everyone was excited. But this great revelation from Shahrukh himself has brought immense excitement and happiness among the Indians and everyone in the Bollywood fraternity has been taken by surprise.

Now, it will be more exciting to watch whether and how Hugh will be able to justify the role of Max in Josh 2. If rumours are to be believed then the actress who will be featuring opposite Hugh will be none other than Rakhi sawant. However, both these actors have started their hindi and english learning classes respectively so that there is no communication gap on the sets.

Hugh Jackman said he is looking forward to lead the eagle gang in Josh 2 and it will be a challenging task to do specially competing with the action star Tiger Shroff. For more updates on humor keep following UP election and several other election rallies happening across the country.