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Person admitted to AIIMS allegedly due to overdose of laughter

24, Jul 2013 By saffronsnake

A 26- year old software professional Rahul was admitted to the trauma center of AIIMS with chest pain and sleeplessness. The doctors described it as a rarest of rare case, as  Rahul didn’t showed any sign of accident or injury, nor he was sentenced by any court.

His flatmate Digvijay said, ” He used to passionately comment on every article about Narendro Modi on several forum. It started with rediff, then it increased to cover every known site including youtube, twitter,facebook etc. We could easily see the work load increasing, and asked him to take some break. But he kept on commenting each and every article on Modi”. For the last couple of days, Rahul uses to be online 24*7, the reason for which according Rahul was “What if someone in US write a blog about Modi, who will comment on it? This is a war, either you win or you lose” and he didn’t wanted to be on the losing side.

Describing the incidence, Digvijay said “This morning Rahul burst into laughter and jumped off his chair, when he saw this. After couple of minutes, he started complaining of chest pain allegedly due to overdose of laughter”.

His friends thought that he is crazy. “He used to store screen shot of every tweet of NDTV and other main stream media channels on his computer, beside always monitoring their website for any “incriminating” stuff”, said Digvijay, referring to modification which NDTV “allegedly” does. “He was not like us, who had celebrity pictures and other informational videos, but he was confident that his pictures can bring down a corrupt government”.

According to Digjvijay, his friends believe that unlike other Modi fans, he was truly secular. ” He always used to wear a skull cap, when he was busy writing those comments” added Digvijay.