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People to mark the end of Big Boss 7 by peeping into each other’s homes between 9 and 10 PM

26, Dec 2013 By Vaibhav Anand

Noida. Opinion polls conducted by news channels suggest that the Indian public is seeking to mark the end of Big Boss’ seventh season this week by indulging in voyeurism at a neighbourhood level. As the channel (Colors) planned to replace Big Boss with saas bahu soaps in the allocated time slot, polls suggested that people would soon turn to other avenues to fulfill their hunger for voyeurism.

Voyeurs would have to find something else now.
Voyeurs would have to find something else now.

“It’s so disappointing that Big Boss is ending this week,” Nandini, a housewife and regular viewer of Big Boss, said in an interview with this Faking News reporter. “Now we’ll have to go back to gossiping about people around us instead of Tanisha and Armaan or Kushal and Guahar.”

“Everybody already knows about everybody’s secrets in our neighbourhood,” she added. “And I don’t have the bandwidth to follow any new TV soap… I am already trying to keep track of the time leaps and rebirths and makeovers in over five of them. To keep things interesting, I will have no choice but to secretly peer into our neighbours’ homes stealthily once Big Boss ends.”