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Pedestrians to protest over, allegedly, defamatory comments by a Bollywood celebrity

23, Sep 2012 By jigardoshi

As we all know that Madhur Bhandarkar’s magnum opus Heroine released last Friday. After watching it, Anupama Chopra called Madhur a pedestrian director, which immediately invoked mixed reactions.

Ashoke Pandit, a film-maker and a social activist, according to his twitter bio, tweeted in response to Anupama’s comment :

In response to Pandit’s tweet, CilemaSnob, an anonymous account which is everything about movies, tweeted:

Now, the pedestrians have taken offence to the above comments and say that they are allegedly “defamatory comments” to all the pedestrians. “Such comments used by Anupama are demeaning and they be-little us pedestrians. It’s almost like she means to say that we are good-for-nothing or a waste. What right does she have to do so?”

“We’ve formed a committee and plan to stage a protest by walking only on foot-paths for a change and we want a written apology from Anupama for defaming us. ” said the president of the committee, Mr T. Bal. “We’ve also created a facebook page and a twitter account and will try to gather support from the youngsters in our protest against the defamatory remarks of such celebrities and we hope that more and more number of people will join us in the protest named ‘The pedestrians’ protest’ against such comments.” he added.

We tried to contact Anupama Chopra but she didn’t receive our calls. Ashoke Pandit was busy in social service and so we have not able to reach him either. Madhur Bhandarkar replied with a curt, “No comments,” to our queries.

On a lighter vein, the best reply to CilemaSnob’s tweet has been by Naomi Datta: