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Parineeti Chopra shares her secret of weight loss, gives credit to Pokémon Go

14, Jul 2016 By bumbegum

Mumbai: Parineeti Chopra has come out to release a statement, saying that the credit for her weight loss goes to Pokémon Go. She said in a recent interview that the game helped her to lose weight which she could never do with heavy diet schedules and gym training.

Pokémon Go- The weight loss Champion
Pokémon Go- The weight loss Champion

More so, Parineeti will now promote the game in the country and fight for it’s availability for all the people as she believes that it works like magic. Pokémon Go has crashed every record recently and is now a super hit amongst the youngsters of the entire world.

Parineeti has been fighting for official availability of the game in India, and will be the ambassador for Pokémon Go in the country. She has further said, “I’ve been poked many times in the industry for my body and weight issues. But I never had the zeal to get up in the morning and sweat in the gym. Whereas Pokémon Go made me lose weight without even making me realize the amount of calories I burnt while walking. Sometimes I went so far playing the game that I had to call my car to take me home back. But this transformation in me is all due to this miracle!”

Many fans are coming up with theories that Adnan Sami never went under the surgery but in fact Pokémon Go did the miracle on him. It is now for the people to witness if the country will finally get interested in Parineeti’s weight loss after she has attached the cause with Pokémon Go.