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Parents disown their only son for not wishing on wedding anniversary in Whtsapp family group

07, Jan 2016 By Happyness

Mumbai. Mr. Mehta, CEO of Tiger Khan, leading stock-broking firm has taken a startling decision of disowning his only son, Aditya financially, socially and morally. This happened as a result of utter social disrespect that Aditya displayed on his part by not wishing his parents on the Whatsapp Group where all the family members had wished, resulting in a rage reaction from his father who is very particular about social behavioral etiquette.

“Will get your brain at place”: Screams Mr. Mehta beating Aditya

With growing technological exposure, social media platforms and highly prevalent usage of smartphones, parents these days have made it a point to keep on with the trend these days. And when Mr. Mehta had his 25th Wedding Anniversary which was well-hyped by his PR in business circles, and his family in personal circle find it really mean and irresponsible on his son’s part when he missed to wish and congratulate on the Whatsapp group.

Aditya, on his part, mentioned to our correspondent, “I had planned a surprise party for the evening for which I was supposed to act as if I missed on the wishes, which was interpreted wrongly by my father. Although he has sent a legal letter stating his intention, I assure to bring things back to normal between us.”

The dedication and commitment that Aditya has is clearly seen as he posted several collage pictures on various social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, started a trend on twitter and changed his Display picture to one with his parents. He says all this will work in his favor when he has talks with his father.

Mrs. Mehta who is a heart patient is under severe stress and was unable for comment. An uncle on condition of anonymity mentioned, “All of us had the 5secs that is needed to wish someone on Whtsapp group and expect a grand party in return. But this is surely not something that is expected from your own son. God forbid if my son does the same, I would have to disown him too.”

This is going to be a long legal affair as the family tries to re-bond and re-break ties with each other. Technology is being used and abused as it was expected to. Whstapp owners say, Whatsapp was made to bring people close and not to break family bonds.