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One movie in one year: Censor Board clears movie SuckUp

15, Apr 2015 By shaifali

New Delhi: The first and only movie in the past one year to be released by the Central Board of Film Certification, without any censorship and beeped out words, SuckUp failed to entertain the audiences and please the critiques last Friday. The movie is slammed by the audiences for “playing safe.”

One of the highly acknowledged movie critiques in the industry writes in his blog, “SuckUp does not question any beliefs, does not attack any ideologies; in fact, it does not make even a single oblique political remark. If this does not get an all-clear, what will? It is the utopian “artistic” form that the aristocratic CBFC dreams about!”

The movie industry is under the threat of losing out on its art and social commentary, if it wants to survive and earn two square meals a day. When asked about the controversy from one of the closest friends to the director, he said, “I agree that the movie played safe on every socio-political level; but in his defense, that’s the only way you can get around to producing something in this country.”

Not without any thanks to the recent steps by the censor board, being banned has become a fad among the young generation.

One person tweeted, “Q: What kind of art is the one that is not banned? Ans: That’s a true #SuckUp.”

A young boy vented his anger at the recent bans, tweeting, “It’s great, now we know which movies not to watch! The ones that don’t get banned.”

What remains to be seen is, will all the artists succumb like this to the “Taliban-ism” of CBFC? Let’s hope not.