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On arrest during raid, sex racketeers say 'it is #MyChoice'

24, Apr 2015 By Virtually Real

Delhi/ Mumbai. Deepika’s month old My Choice video now seems to be making its impact on society. In a major development on women empowerment, women across India are apparently gaining confidence and are moving steps ahead. In one event, Delhi Police raided one renowned hotel in south extension and found 6 couples. The men have been taken into custody but their female partners declined arrest and saying – It is My body, My Choice.

Briefing on this to media, the DCP told that they had threatened self immolation, if arrested forcefully. After this revelation, many women and human rights supporter NGOs and groups demonstrated their support for these brave ladies. In a recent update, National Women Commission has also extended its full support and requested police not to trouble them.

 Some of the key achievements portrayed in massive effort of women empowerment in #MyChoice
Some of the key achievements portrayed in massive effort of women empowerment in #MyChoice

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi also praised this video and compared it with the women empowerment of he did for thai ladies in Thailand during his 56 days stay. He told media person that had Deepika made this video before his interview with Arnab, it would have helped him in having better encounter with Arnab as feminist.

Sania Mirza, Saina Nehwal, Anjali Bhagwat and other female star players, who have represented and earned highest honours for India, found their achievements frivolous compared to the MUST HAVE portrayed by Deepika for women empowerment. Members of All India Association of Administrative Services (Women wing) and lady army officers also seen in impression that Deepika’s one video had overshadowed their all achievements.

In a latest event, leading page 3 participant, Shobhana Lele, who supported Deepika’s My Choice video openly, seems to be in trouble. As per media reports, she caught her director husband red handed in bed with struggling actress Payal (changed name). After seeing them in a compromising position, she started smashing both of them but Payal retaliated by saying My Body, My Mind, My Choice … Helpless and poor

Shobhana let Payal go but her director husband is still in hospital but out of danger.

Unconfirmed sources say that the director is in touch of his lawyer and may soon file divorce suit as his choice. Detailed report awaited.