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Now PAN card compulsory to book Multiplex movie tickets on Weekends

24, Jul 2015 By chachachaudhary

In a definitive move to nab down those who hide their actual incomes from the Income Tax department, the department has issued a directive making it mandatory to carry PAN cards while buying or booking those exorbitantly priced multiplex weekend tickets.

Buying those ridiculously priced weekend tickets would automatically put you under maximum income tax bracket of 30%.

Arun jaitley said, “BJP government is fully committed in the black money cause, we have already got the list of names of people who have accounts in the Swiss banks. After this move of making PAN cards compulsory for buying the weekend multiplex tickets, we will get a list of domestic black money holders. Surely their LPG and diesel subsidies would be cancelled. Government thinks that if somebody  can buy 500 Rs. tickets for movies such as Humshakals, HNY, etc. on weekends, then definitely they do not deserve be given LPG subsidies.”

The chief reporter Bonobos asked various political parties about their views:

Ticket Counter
You need PAN cards now to stand here

BJP spokesperson said, “Look achhe din is definitely here! People have become rich enough to splurge on weekend ticket as much as Rs. 500. What if PAN card is mandatory, only the tax defaulters need to worry regarding this move. Those who do pay their taxes need not worry.”

Congress spokesperson said, “The BJP is just depriving people of their right to black money and pseudo entertainment. Actually most number of multiplexes opened in the congress rule and the trend of charging outrageous amounts for weekend tickets started during the Congress regime. BJP is unnecessary making an issue out of it. They should have made rather AADHAR compulsory. If Congress comes into power again, we would provide subsidy on weekend movie tickets as well.”

AAP spokesperson said, “Both BJP and Congress are hand in glove with each other. Sab mile hue hain. They are not bothered about the real AAM AADMI. We do not want the AAM AADMI to spend a single penny on entertainment. We can provide all the entertainment for free by means of all our Dharnas and Dramas. We are the real heroes and not filmy ones. We will soon open AAM AADMI theatres where people can watch tapes of our previous Dharnas for free. But just because we cannot force people as what to watch, keeping  public sentiment as consideration we well declare that we will reduce the ticket price by auditing the books of multiplexes, but later on we will take a U turn and then reduce the prices by subsidies rather that audit.”

The spokesperson from the film industry said, “All of our efforts have gone into drain. We worked really hard to make people watch most of the crap we produce by our promotions and marketing. We spend a lot to pay the critics for good review. We created and alternate industry for movie reviewers who write reviews without even watching the movie. Actually weekend prices helped us in reaching 100-200 crores in three days even before the people realize what shit we have served. Now people would get really conscious and would watch only good movies. What would happen to the families of our most of the mediocre and substandard directors? The good directors get their due via critical acclaim, awards and word of mouth publicity but what about directors who are not that good? Don’t they have right to make movies?”

The multiplex owners association said, “We will show the government our unity and power.In protest we will telecast Himmatwala for ten successive weekends. Let us see if the health ministry is capable of handling that kind of epidemic.”

An avid movie fanatic Munnu said, “Saala sahi kiya government ne, maine jis movie ke liye 300Rs. diya Chunnu saala Tuesday morning ko 70 me dekh ke aaya.Saala 300 me mujhe kuch special ya alag to dikhaya nahi.