Friday, 23rd March, 2018

Now Courts will not give 'Taariq pe Taariq' as suspects will be given Kinley water

27, Jun 2015 By pradeepsjoshi

During interrogation police and investigation department would give Kinley to the suspect. And it would be used in courts instead of holy books to swear. They feel that even formal swearing would be avoided.

The confession would come easily, that would make pending cases judgement easily announced. The cases will be resolved in lower courts only and higher court just focus on law making and recruiting more judges to lower courts. According to statisticians all pending cases will be off desk and judgement copies will rise in courts library in six months.

Communist claimed that Kinley has paved the way for new era by erasing all the boundaries of caste and religion. Sources says that communist sent mail to CocaCola to allow them make Kinley bottle as their party logo and in return they will name Kolkata Kinlokta.

Indian Government decided to propose in coming UN Summit to celebrate it as International Day of Drink for Justice to promote Kinley.

AAP member said it was their water which caused the revolution. Congress said that it was actually implemented during CWG itself and now present government taking its credit.

Meanwhile, Republicans and Democrats are keen on using this for coming presidential election to claim it as their foreign policy in the interest of US and its citizens economic and geographical safety.

Coca Cola officials were unavailable to comment.