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Not all crude words logical for TV viewers

16, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: In the name of comedy certain crude words are endured by the viewers. Recently one interesting episode of a popular comic serial the much-talked character uttered the term Katori’s Secret during her normal phone talk with Ammaji prior to her fictional London trip. Many a simple-minded female viewer was startled to hear this very unusual term. They began to think what was it? Angoori Bhabhi might have expressed it for laughter which typically is attached to the fashion world. Whatever has been uttered by the simpler way has obtained as crude words.

As she has been attaining familiarity by her faulty usage of the English words, she surely secures a sufficient amount of applause from the avid audience. It cannot be rejected that the real life women’s temperament corresponds to the Bhabhi Ji’s nature. Her very expression or catchword Sahi Pakdey Hein is on every tongue. It is she who has popularised it. She feels a sense of elation in pronouncing every English word wrongly. She used to be corrected by different vital key characters. Her spoken word for Victoria’s secret was taken up as coarse words. The bolder and freer the words turn out, the more the traditional rules will be crossed over.

If the viewers are forced to gulp down such unconventional terms, they will gradually lose interest in the serial herewith. This aversion will lead them to enjoy other melodramatic serials in general. The comic serials cover every viewer. Therefore, what is the insistent need of making the serial intolerable to the viewers? The mortal life itself is a battle between good and bad so why not stay poised with the clear emotional comedy. Her character is very nearly the best one, even truer than her testing manner of speech as she thinks about, smiles and explains while messing up the scene plainly.