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Why not city's Ladoo if BKB coming?

17, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: What is imperfect if the film lovers like to view a movie on city’s famous Thuggoo Ke Ladoo on the line of Barreily Ki Burfi? There is certainly no difference between the sugariness of these two different popular sweets. The only distinction is of shape to all its outer appearances. Now, it is hardly known which of the two sweets are designed first in the world. This is as much complicated as the case with the hen and the egg. Without troubling over its origin, the film makers are urgently urged to ponder over this requirement. Whatever had been prepared first by some groping halwai holds worth for the film subject in denizens’ view?

There is no boldness in uttering that one sweet is gold and another is silver. When the simple and real subject of Burfi can be covered with the dramatic melodrama, there is staying behind every chance of spinning an exciting story something like the already produced movie. If the film is all about love and cluster of real, happy people, the city’s famed sweet can also be adjusted in an exciting fable. If Burfi contains a story delving deep into mother-father-daughter attachment, there can obviously be no problem in weaving down a sharp, steady and hard story around this round sweet.

Common features in the physical world attract the film producers. If the city’s locality called as Faithfulganj draws Arbaaz Khan’s attention, the famous Laddoo too can also pull towards the theme. Of course, so many points are collected together for the film’s concept. What is more important is the suitability of the topic. It is this angle which goads the film makers to take an initiative in that exceptional direction. Seemingly, the film maker receives a few descriptive and illustrative facts for the film shooting thereby leaving others to aptly maintain the equilibrium.