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Nitya Mehra changes film title to 'Bra Bra Dekho', after fight with Censor Board over scene cut

01, Sep 2016 By electroman

Mumbai. Director Nitya Mehra has decided to change the name of her upcoming movie to Bra Bra Dekho! She has made this decision after the controversial decision by the censor board to remove a bra related scene from the movie. While the director vehemently denies that there is no such scene involving a bra in the movie, the board is not convinced.

She may come up with such 3D glasses to watch the movie
She may come up with such 3D glasses to watch the movie

So she has finally decided to give up and cut all scenes where Katrina is wearing a dress. She later included one scene from Ek Tha Tiger where Katrina can be seen wearing a burkha. Frustrated by all this, she later changed the name of the movie to Bra Bra Dekho just to tease the censor board chief.

Now Katrina fans are protesting against the board for enjoying the scenes in a private viewing and not sharing it with the wider audience. They claim that all the cut scenes are being held in the chief’s house in a safety locker. They are also planning to form non-profit groups with the help of volunteers to help save these scenes. They are sitting in front of the board chief’s house and shouting “BRA BRA Dekho!”.

But the Censor Board is not budging. They are asking for more cuts in all the other forms of entertainments as well. They are asking Delhi Daredevils to change their name because DD refers to Bra size. They asked people not to feed their babies in public with a feeding bottle, because it has a nipple. They have also suggested to ban all ‘Bra’d Pitt movies, They are removing the reference to ‘Bra’zil from all textbooks and Atlases.