Friday, 20th April, 2018

Nice mothers are scant in reality!

30, Jan 2018 By shakeel ahmad

What frightens the kids more is their mothers’ direct scolding at times. If they are not attentive to their studies the stern words are sure to scare them. If they spend more time in outdoor play they have to tolerate the scathing admonishment. If they are spoiling their clothes more often they even get the slap and whack for their irresponsible behaviour.

Despite the fact that it is now the 21st century, the kids are still reflecting upon their mothers’ bad temper with changed consideration as much as they more often than not think of their amiable fathers. The kids’ relations with the parents are obviously based on love, affection and confidence. It is in no doubt changing but that does not stop kids from saying of their mothers being kind and generous towards them.

When they view mother’s image in the television advertisement, they wholly get startled at the actual mothers’ reactionary attitude in life. How affectionately do they take a dirty shirt from the kids and drop into the moving washing machine for a clean, sparkling fresh white shirt? This they take it as elixir churned out but in real-life experience, the kids get a sort of poison in their mothers’ anger. That’s why they begin to imagine of that TV type nice mother.

We are still kids so we could say the truth aloud. We did not usually like beatings but we cared about the mistakes. We are never thrilled about the whole bad thing. We look so comfortable with the TV type of unreal mothers. Is it possible in our actual active life? Never, it is impossible. In the factual situation, we are thrashed so often. It is only after such kind of physical exercise our dirty clothes are put into the electric-operated machine for cleaning.