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New Year can never be happy for me now after watching HNY, says man

05, Nov 2014 By droguedezigner

Mr. Hush Bole, in an exclusive interview with Faking News said, it was a bright Diwali day when he and his family decided to have some good family time and go watch Happy New Year (HNY). All of his family was excited for the movie due to the star cast and hyped promotions of the movie. Little did he know that this will lead to him being traumatized every year for the rest of his life.

Further, he mentioned that whole of his family was down and he was the most depressed among them. He is sure that it is nearly impossible for him now to be a part of any New Year celebrations as that would bring back all the memories of his deadly experience watching HNY. Not only that, he told that the impact is such deep that his consciousness has started associating his past good memories of new year with HNY scenes and in turn storing them as bad memories. As a facetious person, he has completely lost his sense of humor.

Mr. Hush Bole being consoled by wife.
Mr. Hush Bole being consoled by wife.

When asked what he thinks could be the reason for such effect on him, he went blank for a long time. Our experts suggest Mr. Hush might have had impaired his ability to find logic due to extensive use of frontal cortex for a long time without finding any. This causes trauma when words relating to that event are encountered.

After coming back to normal, he told that his plan of trying to keep his family happy until next celebration by taking them to watch a movie that has ‘happy’ in its name completely backfired on him and now he would have to spend a lot of money on anti-depressant for his family members. Also, he feels being robbed by MoneyMax multiplex for charging 400 bucks for one ticket for such a mentally disturbing movie which he says is more bizarre than the auto fare he paid on his way there.

Some experts have suggested Mr. Hush to follow an ethnicity where the occasion of New Year has a different name and time of occurrence on the calendar to avoid being haunted by HNY memories. Faking News team prays for Mr. Hush and his family’s recovery and hopes that they soon get ‘happy’ again.