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New Consulting offering: Pre-filter to remove objectionable content that hurts sentiments

30, Jan 2013 By fakerguru

In news from the corporate world, consulting firms MacKinzay, IB&M, BwC, and others have started a new consulting offering to all firms and individuals who are in the business of expressing original thoughts. This offering will cover all the thoughts in whatever format; be it a press statement, a speech, a product, a TV serial or a film.

When contacted the Chief Marketing Officer of MacKinzay confirmed this development. He further stated that his company has prepared a huge database of all the castes, professions and regions in India and have prioritized them. He said that this is at such a fine level of detail that even if an illegal movie CD seller on the streets will be hurt, the system can identify it.

He said, “Our client’s offering, whatever it is, will be passed through a filter which will identify all potential threats to the offering. Then our clients can take a decision on whether they would like to modify the content and rerun the filter to ensure compliance. It depends on the client as to how many iterations they want to run. We suggest that they run it until full compliance. I think this product has wide ranging market segments in India. But we are targeting creamy segments; maybe I should not use creamy segments as it may hurt someone. We are targeting the film industry initially and then possibly looking at wealthy individuals who lead a highly media centric life. That’s all I can say now. Thank you.”

When approached the film industry said they welcomed the move and are happy that the consulting firms have finally realized that they can offer such a service. However they said they are cautious over using the services of foreign firms as it may hurt the sentiments of Indian firms who are capable of providing similar services. However some of the producers were skeptical about the service and dismissed it.

They said, “We would consider approaching anyone who objects and pay them rather than paying money before hand. There may be no objections at all when a film is released. It’s a waste of money”. Organizers of the Jaipur Literary Fest said, “In hindsight, we may have used this service.”

Religious organizations across the country confirmed that they have been approached by several firms to understand what exactly would hurt their sentiments. They said they were happy to provide such information as long as it avoids any future conflicts and their interests are protected.

Watch this space for more on this as “We like Akshay Kumar” union is apparently demanding that his dim-witted laughter in movies should be removed from the objectionable list.