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New book release: iJudge – The true self-love of a Reality Show Judge by Chetan Bhagat

11, May 2015 By burabandar

Chetan Bhagat, the man single handedly responsible to make every engineering student across campuses dream that they can get lucky has done it again! Well, in literary parlance, he has released another book smashed by critiques, lapped by his core audience (99.5% of English speaking population of the country). As is the case with him, the book is yet another autobiographical narration of his life event – this time as a judge on a reality show.

Reading his new creation to the fans!
Reading his new creation to the fans!

Titled iJudge: The true self-love of a Reality Show Judge, it is a narrative of his experiences as judge on a popular couple dance reality competition on a popular TV network. Chetan recollects, “This is a tell-tale of the emotional rainbow a judge experiences. While I may not know cow-dung of dance, I can pfaff (bakchodi) on any thing under the sun. What is a reality show all about – do you think it is about the performances? Cow-dung! Naah, it is about stirring up emotions and mixing it with controversies. A successful judge is the one who can judge with bias and still make it look like divine judgment.”

Karishma Tanna & Upen Patel, contestants on the show concur, “Agree with Chetan (Sir). While most of the judges believe in playing the cupid, he believes in playing the bride’s rich Thakur father. We’ve a chance at the pot if he keeps taking his shots at us.”

An excerpt from the book – The mirror either reflects the reality or convolutes it by adding a ‘reel’ to it. The mirrors when Karishma & Upen took to the stage had a similar story & the judges had to look beyond these reflections to decipher the true intent of their love. It is like eating a Cornetto, unless you lick the soft cream layer, you would not reach the hard chocolate beneath. Can the judges guess it right? Will the façade of reel-love lift to show the real self of this couple? Beyond being an objective judge of dancing feet, will I be able to subjectively hear the beats of compulsions? Being a judge is not a simple task; all you see are love stories straight out of a coffee table novel of college & call center romances. But then what stands you aside is when you have written such books yourself. They can fool a choreographer who loves the moves, they can fool an Olay-fied diva with their acts, but a writer of trash romance – No Never.”