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Nestle India to launch 'Lead-Mukt Noodle'

20, Jun 2015 By geekypatrkaar

New Delhi:  After getting stuck in the controversy Nestle India is about to launch his new noodle in market, which would be named as “Lead-Mukt Maggi”, says Nestle India’s General Manager in a press conference.

Talking with Faking News Nestle India’s General Manager quotes that “Just like the Common Man’s Party ‘Aam Aadmi Party’ is being criticized by other Parties to bring them down, Dragging common man’s noodle ‘Maggi’ into a controversy is also a conspiracy lead by other noodle brands.”

But Nestle India will still be the one famous among common people after their new ‘Lead-Mukt Noodle” is brought into market, General Manager added.

According to a survey conducted by Faking News it shows that Maggi was popular among people just because of the fact that it was a “2 minute noodles”, unlike the other noodles which takes more than 10 minutes to cook. So, common people are eagerly looking towards Nestle India to launch their new noodle into market as soon as possible.

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