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After coach PR Sondhi, Mahaveer Singh files a defamation suit against Dangal team for wrongly portraying him pot bellied

29, Dec 2016 By sourajeet pradhani
See even belly is 0.5 inch more than mine
See even his belly is 0.5 inch more than mine

Mumbai. After national coach PR Sondhi, who has trained the Phogat sisters before the 2010 Commonwealth Games, it’s now the turn of Mahaveer Singh Phogat to file a defamation suit against the makers of Dangal. Mahaveer Singh is upset with his portrayal in the movie. The senior Phogat claims that his weight has never crossed the 95 kg mark, while Aamir was 97 kgs. He feels insulted to be portrayed with such a pot belly, which he claims he never had. Mahaveer is also miffed with Aamir with his choice of attire adorned by him in the movie. He feels that the costume designer could have gone for a better brand of ‘baniyan’ and ‘gamchha’.

Mahaveer Singh’s signature style statement is the hat he wears. But in the entire movie, Aamir refused to wear it, which was a bit humiliating for the senior Phogat. Mahaveer claims that the absence of hat didn’t allow his persona to come out in totality and that it would turn out to be a blunder in terms of revenue grossed by the movie.

Aamir, responding to the claims by Mahaveer, admits the fact that he indeed ‘crossed the line’. He says that in his ‘fat to fit’ transformation program, the target he had set himself was actually 95 kgs. But on the last day of his fat avatar, one of his friends brought 2 kgs of samosa, which he ate. ‘Mr. Perfectionist’ that he is, he feels gutted for not being able to control himself and eating all the samosas himself.

Regarding the other allegations, Aamir claims that he doesn’t involve himself in the choice of costume in the movie.