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Narendra Modi to launch Series of Yoga videos featuring Poonam Pandey

20, Jun 2015 By Kshitiz Sudhakar

Narendra Modi is highly inspired from Poonam Pandey’s latest nuisance, i.e. her yoga video, in which she has discovered new yoga positions like the “doggy style “and the “hips don’t lie” position. She also showed viewers her best yoga positions, read body parts.

He said in a statement that he logged into his YouTube account to watch ABCD2’s trailer but before logging in, in the “what to watch” section of YouTube was her yoga video.

“I am glad she is so keenly promoting the upcoming world yoga day. As soon as I clicked the video, I was blown. What an innovative mind and names she has got for complex yoga positions!” he said.

He further added that she surely is going to bring her fan base yoga. I am glad someone has finally taken the pain to lookout for a way to drag the young hot-blooded generation into yoga. Things should be either by hook or crook.

Poonam Pandey and Narendra Modi

Browsing through her previous YouTube uploads our Prime minister said he liked the “Holi pictures” and clips of Miss Pandey. He said he has just invited her over a mug of “Carlsberg” at 7RCR to discuss further how to take things ahead.

Faking news team tried contacting the sensational ever trending diva Poonam Pandey for her comments and reactions and she was more than happy to respond to us.

She first did two rounds of her style of yoga with our reporter Lalit and then broadly talked on the questions he asked.

Q 1: How do you come up with instant ideas which make you trending like a fire in the hole? Ans: She said “we’ll, all thanks to my PR team for such invaluable tactics. Mujhe kya? Mjhe toh bas ek hi kaam krna hota hai” *grins*

Q2: How does it feel like to be complimented by the P.M.O of India? Ans: “Oh! Man! Don’t ask about the satisfaction I got after reading his message and talking to that young old chap. It was an outstanding feat. and I am surely going to add it to my twitter bio.”

Q3: How do you earn for living? Ans: She got a little angry on this question and said sternly “that’s none of your fucking business Mr. Lalit. Or is it? And started looking at me maliciously our reporter reported. He wanted to go ahead and answer her but was bound by the faking news-editorial rules.

Q4: How do you manage the criticism you get from your country? Ans: “Positive attracts and negative repels, I hope you have studied this in some class of your secondary school? Right? Lalit ji? Need more explanation or are you done for the day she added.

Done forever madam. Thanks for such an interactive interview. This was a lifetime achievement for me trust me he responded.

So guys be ready for the volume one of Narendra Modi’s yoga video also featuring Poonam Pandey. Don’t worry as it will be made and shot in India keeping in mind the MAKE IN INDIA PROJECT the video will be freely distributed at every gaali nukkad, chauraha, ghanta ghar, cinema ghar and of course at the THEKA!

If you are yet to watch the latest Yoga by Poonam Pandey, Please head to YouTube.