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Narayan Sai will be featured as the main protagonist in GTA 6, says Rockstar Games

18, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

New York City: In what could cause a serious dilemma among Indians about whether to be proud or ashamed, Rockstar Games have announced that Narayan Sai will be projected as the main protagonist in their upcoming video game, the very popular GTA (Grand theft Auto) series’ next installment, the GTA 6. Narayan Sai, who is the son of jailed preacher Asaram Bapu, is already on the run right since a case of sexual assault was lodged against him and his father.

Asaram Bapu and Narayan Sai in a familiar GTA style.

“As depicted in our previous GTA games, the protagonist establishes himself in the criminal world and carries out all his missions while escaping the police every time” The President of Rockstar Games told Faking News. “Property overtaking and land grabbing is another similarity we find between the two. We found the story perfectly fit to become the heels of a new and exciting GTA game” he added.

GTA games have always been the talk of the town, usually for portraying fictional gangsters and criminals as protagonists, the violent and racist themes, and extremely sexual visualizations in the game. However, this time, the makers have hit the real world with similar ideas.

When asked about the changes and improvements in the gameplay of GTA 6, Mr. President said “The game’s story will be based in India, which is a big change, of course. Apart from the changes, the game will inherit several features from its predecessors. Like the ‘safehouses’ where the protagonist can safely sleep and save the game, bribing police to lower down wanted level, changing outfits and disguising to misguide the cops and many other items will remain the same. To cite a few changes, there will be not just villas and factories as purchasable properties. We’ve added ‘Ashrams’ this time to make it a more real experience. People will actually feel the experience of grabbing a public land and building illegal properties on them.  We are also planning to merge Night Clubs and Bars with Ashrams so that the player doesn’t have to ride across the city to watch strip dance shows. After all, there will be Indian roads and traffic in the game”

Looking for public opinion, we found out that different people are having different viewpoints on this decision. As per our sources, there is widespread bliss among the followers of Asaram and Narayan. “This is a moment of pride for us” said Mahavir, an Asaram devotee. “We have already seen the way they delineate India in video games like Hitman-2. An Indian ‘saint’ featuring as the lead in such a popular franchise’s video game is a gem added to India’s glory, and we should be thankful to Sai for giving us such a big reason to be proud” he added.

“Saala these Babas will rip off our reputation in the world. One baba saw a treasure in his dream and our archaeologists are digging for him. And another baba’s criminal skills are ready to be unveiled to the world.  We will be a thing to be laughed at” said Mohit, an MBA student from Noida. Meanwhile, another Asaram follower was heard muttering that it is a conspiracy and MNC’s are trying to ruin the image of our saints. Also, there are widespread rumors that Rockstar Games might have to face legal action for using Asaram and Narayan’s names without their permission.

When asked about legal risks in this project, Mr. President opts to remain silent. On the other hand, our sources have claimed that they are fully prepared for any kind of legal proceedings. A high-ranked employee of Rockstar Games spoke to us on the condition of anonymity. “We don’t think they are in a state of taking any more legal stuff. Let them handle the cases against them first” he said.

“We even have Indian politicians’ support on this project. We have got many requests from the Indian National Congress and BJP to show their rallies gathering huge crowds as the elements of the game’s environment. Taking any of them up on the offer will bring them on our side forever” he shared. When questioned about which party is more likely to be advertised in the game, he further disclosed “We are not very concerned on this issue. But a Rahul Gandhi speech is the last thing we would like to add in our game”.

Sources further inform that none other than Asaram Bapu can make a cameo in the game in his very own sporty style. He is expected to be seen riding a motorboat in a cutscene.