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Nana Patekar furious as Kejriwal replaces him in upcoming movie "Bahut Krantikari"

07, Aug 2014 By InsaneBaba

Mumbai. Nana Patekar, who is famous for his serene and calm attitude, in Bollywood, was recently seen abusing and kicking a trash bin in Bhandup. He was very furious while he was stomping on the bin. As the public gathered around to find what’s wrong with Nana, he was bawling at them as well.

nana patekar

While he was taken away by police, his maid revealed that he had been very furious since past few weeks for losing his role to Arvind Kejriwal, in sequel to his cult classic “Krantiveer”, titled “Bahut Krantikari”.

There are no charges on him, except that he has to buy a new trash bin and write on it – “Mujhe kachra chahiye, kachra” with his poster on it. This is the third instance where Nana was seen losing his cool. He’s unable to cope up with the fact that he lost his iconic role to Arvind Kejriwal.

One month ago, Mahesh bhatt announced that he had obtained rights of “Krantiveer” and preparing to make its sequel titled “Bahut Krantikari”. He’s very excited about it as he finds a huge potential in it.

He’s already hired college graduates from Pakistan to compose songs and beggars on Haji Ali road for lyrics. He also appointed his daughter Pooja Bhatt to direct it, considering her brilliant success track record.

Our Mumbai correspondent interviewed Pooja Bhatt.

“We wanted to cast someone who has revolution in his veins and would work without salary. Someone who could shout without loud-speaker. It is really hard to find such an actor as every one is in GYM and practicing romance. But then my father thought of an original idea, to cast Arvind, he was sure Arvind won’t charge much, which was the most important criteria.”

“We have selected Sunny leone for item number, for her dancing skills.”

When Nana heard the news of sequel “Bahut Krantikari”, he was elated. He was happily singing “kabhi hundred one, kabhi hundred two” for an entire week. He even learnt new rants and abuses to add spice to his character. He unregistered himself from NREGA service. He even updated his movie list in IMDB profile and wiki. But all his exultant dystopia cam to an end when Kejriwal got the role. He was devastated. He was found punching his side-head. His bai has been handling his career ever since his agent left her, due to non-payments.

Kejriwal has eaten every day out of joy, since the announcement of his selection. He spoke to Faking news – “Mahesh ji recently approached me for the role of pratap in ‘Bahut krantikari’ while I was having regular dharna out side 10 Janpath, I was not ready for such a role as it is against our ideals. At first I was unsure and planned to launch a dharna against such proposals as it is against our moral standards to fall for money, but I took a U turn and accepted the offer as Mahesh ji promised he won’t pay more than travel expences and he gifted me a gas kit for my wagonR. This is the best opportunity to book Shivaji park for our weekly dharna rally. He sent me torrent links to some movies for script and asked me to write my own dialogues and speeches.”

Mahesh ji has promised Arvind a kiss scene with a THALI to convince Kejriwal for role. Pooja has planned to release it on sawan somwaar, to capitalize on fasting women. He’s pretty sure this would movie would earn 200 crore. Although Kejriwal is ardent that Mahesh pays his due electricity bills else he’d decline the role.

Meanwhile, Kejriwal has started preparing for his role. He already lost 10 kg by having a non stop fast for 3 weeks. Ministers in parliament reached his house to ask for his demands. They failed to accept that he’s fasting for his role. Just so to make up for his fast, they’ve restored HD channels to his TATA SKY subscription.