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Mumbai have more struggling people than people living in the city: Mumbai Survey

20, Jul 2017 By Ayan Saiyed

Mumbai, a word strikes to every Indian who has a dream of big career and live successful life. Many of them try to become a part of it but fails.

From a recent survey in Mumbai City, surveyors have found that there more people from out of the city and state. Inspired from the biographies of famous celebs and successful businesspersons people leave their family for their career and goals. But they are crushed between the local trains and taxis. Many of them have been booked hotel room for years like Delight Hotel, where Shah Rukh Khan lived. They search for job faster than monster(dot)com but always get rejected, they eat vada paavs showing symbol of struggling person and passes time watching happy Mumbaikar on Juhu Beach from evening to late night. They also think when the person will come with such words

TUM MERE SAATH CHALO, YAAHAN KUCH NAHI HOGA and offers him a job of Spot-boy on the sets of films and they will become a SuperStar.