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Mumbai police register a complaint against Singham returns, claims that the expectations of public from Police have increased

03, Sep 2014 By adityah

Correct portrayal of police here.

The Mumbai police on Wednesday registered a complaint against the movie, Singham returns for showing policemen nearly as superheroes. In an interview with our Faking News reporter, a constable Bajirao said,” We are fat people. How can you expect us to blast cars, run faster than light and say dialogues when we are actually sleeping in the police station all day. Sheer madness!”

Another policeman named Daya Chauhan said,”How the hell the movie has shown the policeman having a girlfriend like Kareena. In real life we dont even get a girl even like chirron sher {named changed due to controversy}.”

“We like dhoom series because Abhishek sir has accurately portrayed us,” he added, referring to the inability to catch thief, fat body and having a shitty partner as Uday Chopra {name not changed due to lack of quality of acting}.