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Movie heroes suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder to cover sleeping heroine with blanket: Study

30, Oct 2013 By idiot420

A recent study on movie trends has revealed that most of the movie heroes suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) to cover sleeping heroine with blanket, no matter what the room temperature is.

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A movie hero simply loves to see heroine under a blanket.

A research was conducted on 100 Bollywood movies from 1920 to 2013, where actions and behavior of heroes were analyzed to prepare a report on evolution of Hindi film heroes. It’s in the process of conducting this research, it was revealed that our heroes suffer from this bizarre OCD.

To know more about how it all started and if started, why Bollywood directors never tried to cure the movie characters from getting this disease, Faking News talked to 95 year old veteran Bollywood historian, Bezan Filmwala.

“This OCD was first detected in protagonist of movie Raja Harishchandra, he was the first one who covered the leading lady of movie with blanket while she was sleeping. And from there it passed on to generations, and I am sure will continue in future too,” said Bezan Filmwala throwing some light on history of OCD to cover with blanket.

“Filmmakers never tried to get a cure for this, as even though it’s a disorder, it always did good for a movie. It adds to the affection and chemistry between character,” Bezan added.

Chameli Rani, who boasts of being affectionately covered by blanket for 24 times in her last 10 movies said that it’s a symbol of care and relationship looks incomplete without it.

The researchers further revealed that obsessive compulsive disorder to cover sleeping partner, son or daughter with blanket has even percolated to many section of society.

“People love to imitate Bollywood trend. And especially this one is quite famous among masses because of the emotional tenderness involved. It has become a kind of socially accepted OCD,” said Dr. Doorsarshi.

This trend is quite loved by young couples who are always lost in dreams of a fantasy Bollywood style love story.

“I once put a blanket over by wife while she was sleeping on summer night and kept looking at her for 10 minutes. And all of sudden she woke up slapped me for putting over blanket in summer, but it was so cute. I did it again after a couple of night,” disclosed newly married Vinod almost blushingly.