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Months of depression cured with new season of Game of Thrones

14, Apr 2015 By Prateek Shah

India, 13th April, 2015 : In what is otherwise considered an inauspicious day in the week, this Monday turned out to be quite the opposite for thousands across the country. Game of Thrones’ new season, 4 episodes of which were leaked online made techies, professionals, students and sabbaticalers really happy this Monday.

Game of Thrones
Did you see it yet?

Speaking on the occasion, a techie who spoke anonymously because he had actually lost his identity said – “Breakfast, lunch and evening break is what it took to hog all the new episodes. I feel like a changed man. I feel like happiness has returned to me. I think I can now take on other problems in life”. Another professional said “My friends keep asking me what is my hobby, and I keep saying Nothing. GOT gives me hope, to show my friends I can do something, to show this world I can be cool too.”

People have already started waiting for the next installment of leaks. In the meantime they intend to fight for net neutrality, because if it were not for a neutral net, how will they get to download their favourite show.